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The Mrida Heart ‘n Soil Foundation Mission

To create models of holistic rural development that are sustainable and scalable, benefiting underserved individuals and communities at the Bottom of the Pyramid


These masks have been made by the talented women of Aparajita Vikas Samuh, according to WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. The masks are made with safe, upcycled fabric - ensuring good quality, environmentally friendly masks and can be used for long hours.

Our Philosophy

The core philosophy we seek to promote is that, development need not necessarily be just donations, grants or pure philanthropy, but can be run almost on the lines of business. We ensure that the beneficiary community and individuals are an integral part of any initiative that we undertake, that their engagement includes at least some financial commitment even if as a token, and that local leadership is developed within the community to build further upon, and carry the initiative forward over time. 

The Mrida Anthem

The Key to MPowered Communities

We believe that successful, scalable and sustainable development is achieved only through community buy in and participation, especially that of the women.

As a foundation, and with the aim of mobilizing communities, we establish Village Development Committees. The committees are created to not only mobilize the community to take ownership of the planned interventions but also to reinforce the idea that ‘nothing comes for free’ and to ensure future self-sustainability. The VDC membership is handled in a holistic manner where the participation of both men and women is encouraged. However, with various examples of women driven community initiatives being more successful, the women are provided the default membership to the VDC and hence the decision-making rights, with the men also participating actively.

Our Beneficiaries

We believe women are the center of the development dialogues. Empowering women empowers the whole community.

Farmers are the backbone of the country. By supporting them, we hope to improve their incomes and help them increase agricultural productivity.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. We make sure to work with local schools to improve facilities available for children’s education.

Indian artisans help perpetuate traditional crafts & our cultural heritage. We support our artisans by providing a platform through which they can showcase their work to urban customers.





Reshma, a member of the Rajlaxmi Stitchi

Rajlaxmi Stitching Centre & Aprajita Vikas Samuh


Ram Singh


Rita Devi

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