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Sustainable Safety 

Let's stay safe together. 


These masks have been made by the talented women of Aparajita Vikas Samuh, according to WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. The masks are made with safe, upcycled fabric - ensuring good quality, environmentally friendly masks, that can be used for long hours.


The masks have three layers, with the third layer serving as a pocket, in case one needs to add additional cloth / polypropylene layers.

Two Masks Pack_1.jpg

2 Handmade Adult Sized Masks 

₹ 170.00*

Four Masks Pack_1.jpg

4 Handmade Adult Sized Masks 

₹ 300.00*

Pro Tip: Most 'cloth' shopping bags are made from polypropylene. If you have polypropylene cloth bags at home, wash your cloth grocery bag, cut the bag into mask-sized strips, and add them to your masks for added protection!

Please wash masks before use

*Inclusive of GST, shipping, care instruction card & stickers. For safety reasons, no returns or refunds will be accepted.

To stand with and support small scale rural businesses during this challenging time, we pledge a minimum of 33% of each purchase towards funding livelihood generation & women's empowerment activities.

 A Day in Aparajita Vikas Samuh


We are keeping track of the amount raised - check back here for updates!

We will make sure to keep you updated on the status of initiatives through emails, and updates on our social media handles. The photos of the masks here are indicative, prints & colours may differ.


Stay Informed!

Make sure you're up to date with the latest news and information from trusted, verified sources!

Prateek Shankar.jpg


“Unlike other masks I've used thus far, the Mrida mask felt custom-designed, almost bespoke. I haven't experienced that level of comfort (especially that cute bridge on the nose) with such vibrant designs before. And to be able to do so while providing new livelihoods only adds to its inventiveness. Kudos!”



“Mask lagane se mujhe bohot comfortable laga. Saas lene mein ghutan nahin hota hain. Baaki logon ko bhi ye khareedna chahiye aur pehna chahiye! Jo log nahin pehente - ek baar yeh mask khareed ke try karein, unko bohot accha lagega”



“Comfortable and suitable for every occasion - the range of colors is delightful. A must-have for the fashion-forward but environment-friendly shopper!"

Client Testimonials


Mrida Heart 'N Soil Foundation is registered under Section 8(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 and under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act.
Donations through this platform are tax exempted under 80G.

The Foundation is not affiliated to any political party and/or cause.

CIN No: U85310DL2017NPL323354

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