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MPowered Team

“Working closely with the women on ground is encouraging and inspiring. Their individual goals to better their lives creates an atmosphere that facilitates learning & encourages curiosity - even when we discuss topics that are traditionally considered to be a taboo. I appreciate the focus that the Mrida Heart ‘n Soil Foundation places on bringing women to the forefront of the development dialogue because it helps them become confident in voicing their needs and concerns, the participation of women encourages their children to observe and learn, and creates communities where gendered concerns are recognized and given importance”

Kavita Sunil, MPowered Team Member

Meet The Interns

Syed Arshad Alam

“Having worked in IT for a considerable amount of time, Mrida came as an opportunity to do something new and I was fortunate to have taken that opportunity. At Mrida, I not only got the chance to work on critical business problems which honed my skills as a leader but it also made me socially responsible. It changed my perspective of seeing business and social involvement as independent entities, when they can be very well related. Now, I feel they both need each other. I cherish my tenure with Mrida and will love to be associated with it all my life.”


Syed Arshad Alam, Batch of 2019 - 2020, School of Inspired Leadership

Ishan Salhotra

Mrida offered a highly enriching & different experience compared to some of my previous internships. Working in a smaller work environment helped attain a certain satisfaction of contributing to the organization as well as utilizing my time well and efficiently. Over the course of my internship, my focus was on developing a sales plan for the handicrafts made by the rural communities and doing a competitor cost analysis to come up with the best possible e-commerce website for the sale of these products. What I enjoyed the most was my field trip to Buxwaha - the trip provided me with the rare experience - to interact with many farmers at the Bottom of the Pyramid and understand more about their socio-economic circumstances.


Ishan Salhotra, Third Year Student, Ashoka University

Adesh Jain

“I did my summer internship with Mrida Group between April’19- May’19 and needless to say the experience was very good. I got to know in-depth about the challenges and opportunities available in the development sector and came out of stigma that a social business venture can’t also be profitable. I had the freedom to work in multiple business roles and this helped me understand the whole business from various angles like finance, strategy, operations, marketing etc. My mentors and the entire Mrida team helped me learn a lot, and made my internship memorable.”

Adesh Jain, Batch of 2018-2020, IIM Lucknow

Daksha Gupta

“Interning with Mrida gave me the opportunity to not only enhance my photography skills through product shoots and photo-stories but also allowed me to directly make a positive difference in the lives of women in Bareilly and Sultanpur. Creating a toolkit on menstrual health and hygiene awareness, and then conducting workshops on the same was a perfect blend of experiential learning and desk-job work. I felt as though my work made a meaningful contribution, which gave me overall satisfaction and that, I believe, is very important with any internship. “

Daksha Gupta Third Year Student, Ashoka University

Akshay Aggarwal, Gowtham Dhanpal Nikita Wankhede

“We really cherish our time spent at Mrida. The experience was enriched with a multitude of learning opportunities. Everyone at team Mrida was highly passionate for what they were doing which inspired us to push our boundaries and think out of the box.”

Akshay Aggarwal, Gowtham Dhanpal & Nikita Wankhede, Batch of 2019, IIM Lucknow   

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