A farmer by profession, Ram Singh today manages the accounts of the TahTajpur Village Development Committee (VDC). The VDC collects payments from households for services such as solar lighting; these revenues are in turn allocated for other development activities within the community. As a member of the VDC, Ram Singh now believes that the village is one big family, and relevant actions need to be taken to make it a better place. Ram Singh plays various roles at different capacities – as a Mrida Urja Mitra (fixes any trouble in the grid at village level), as a brother (motivated his sisters to undergo advanced stitching program and come up with a stitching center), as a farmer (he actively participates in the training programs and passes off the learning to his fellow farmers in the village). Mrida salutes a young man like him, whose true passion lies in the transformation of his village. Team Mrida is thankful to him for being an essential element of this captivating initiative.