At the Heart ‘n Soil Foundation, we combine our passion with proven entrepreneurial expertise in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Human Resource Management, and Logistics. We're always looking for like-minded individuals and organizations to help advance our mission to create holistic models of rural development that are sustainable and scalable.

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We are always looking to expand our network of good cheer, happiness and well being to more rural areas across the country.  For corporations/organizations and companies that are looking for CSR partners to showcase a social return on investment - we would be a great fit. Focusing on holistic development, encouraging and facilitating the participation of the beneficiaries and keeping our partner’s objectives in mind, we design custom programmes to sow the seeds of development.


Through successful partnerships with IIM - Lucknow, Ashoka University, SOIL (School of Inspired Learning), University of Virginia, Lady Irwin College, Delhi University - our interns come from diverse backgrounds and add unique value to the projects they engage with and the Foundation. All the internships are designed to benefit the core area of interest of the intern, while also addressing challenges on ground.

If you would like to Partner with us, or join us as an Intern, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you.

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