Laxmi Devi is a wife, a mother - and a successful entrepreneur. However, with the lockdown, she and her family have lost their source of income. They’re unable to get in touch with the bank to receive their relief packages - and she is worried about sustaining
her family.

Along with Laxmi, Pooja, Phoolan, Bajanti, Nisha are some of the many women who stand to benefit from your contribution.











-photos of Pooja, Phoolan, Bajanti, Nisha-
These women are skilled tailors, agarbatti & soap makers, spice grinders - but with the closed markets and disrupted supply chains, they have lost their source of income. With your help, we want to give rural women the opportunity to support their families and hold
on to their livelihood.

Mrida Heart ‘n Soil Foundation will not only provide the support to restart their livelihood by making available the money to purchase raw materials, but also provide them with market linkages to ensure a steady income. Here’s what you can do:

You can choose to simply donate
You can place an order for an MPowered Kit.
The MPowered Kit is full of products made by our superstar women. Every MPowered kit ensures that the women earn a salary through the sale of their products, that they spend their time productively and that they receive emergency funds for immediate relief.

Supporting our women also means that you support more than 700 households across U.P, Madhya Pradesh & Jharkhand.

“When women thrive all of society benefits and succeeding generations are given a
better start in life.”
- Kofi Annan

To know more about our women and their livelihoods, visit:
Women/ stitching center/livelihood 

To learn more about how we create systems of inclusion for women, visit:
Community participation and Women

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