This is Sankar Mahatho - the leader of our Farmer’s Group in Bajudih, Bokaro:
-video of Sankar talking about farming- Our farmers are determined to ensure a good harvest by working together as a community and using environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Most of rural India earns a living through the informal sector, as migrant workers, daily wage workers or as agricultural labourers. With the lockdown, the loss of a source of income has hit those at the Bottom of the Pyramid the worst.

Several farmers have been unable to sell their produce at district/city markets, forcing them to feed their perishables to their livestock. While the agricultural sector has been exempted from the lockdown, farmers are lacking the physical resources (informal labour) to help them with the




-photos of Vijay Yadav, Munna Lal, Inder Pal, Lal Karan -

At the Mrida Heart ‘n Soil Foundation, we believe that it is our duty to Feed The Farmers Who
Feed Us:

- By ensuring a better than market value for their produce
- By creating market linkages for their produce
- By providing technical support & information to strengthen their activities.


However, with the pandemic, we look to you for your support. Your donation can ease the burden and provide relief for our farmers and their families - approximately 3517 people across U.P, Madhya Pradesh & Jharkhand.

In addition to the donation, we at the Mrida Heart ‘n Soil Foundation will be purchasing the produce from the farmers and distributing it to communities in need of food essentials.

You can either simply donate
You can place an order for an MPowered Kit.
The MPowered Kit is full of products made by our superstar rural women. Every MPowered Kit ensures that the women earns a salary through the sale of their products, that they spend their time productively and provides relief funds to the farmers.

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